Catching up on that supernatrual. Oh, and fuck waiting on laundry.

He’s reading the comment. @versace_redd

Got to work on my babies today. They ride like a dream.

Pizza date with the Wrecking Crew. #dying

#tbt me and @versace_redd like 4 years ago i think.

Just waiting for the weather to break and some parts for me and @versace_redd ‘s bikes. #rebalriders #pabstblueribbon #fourhorsemen

Working in my fourth one. Fuck yeah motherfuckers

Cigs, free coffee, and on my drawing shit today. My favorite things.

This movie was fucking metal. New favorite. #carlpanzram #metal

Watching Cropsey with my little creepette. #serialkillers #urbanlegends #disappearences #femaleconjergationofcreep

Chillen with my homies at work.

My face feels naked really though. Anyway. At appkebees . Fuk with me. dip set.

Wednesday is the new sunderday. Dorks. #frithuesnesterdaybitches